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Human Resources professionals face many challenges as they serve and manage their people. Some of these people management challenges are related to change management, organizational culture, staffing, leadership development, and other employee management problems. Finding automated HR solutions on the front end is no longer a great mystery for HR professionals.

There are four general areas that must be considered by Human Resources professionals seeking to take their organization to the next level. We call these the 4 R’s of Effective Human Resources Management: Recruiting, Retraining, Rewarding, and Releasing. Let’s take a closer look at each of these key points.


Human Resource Management professionals must develop an effective system for finding strong candidates, assessing prospective employees, and tracking their development early in the onboarding process. Having the best human resources software facilitates the successful recruitment and assessment of prospective employees. Best Human Resources Software such as Imagine Mobile Learning helps organizations more effectively manage recruiting and hiring. As a result, recruiting employees is no longer a negative organizational measurement. 


Developing effective employees and training leaders is a continuous process. The best Human Resources Software helps HR leaders both train and retrain their people. New government laws, changing cultural dynamics, emerging technology, and other HR factors force organizations to add to their existing training programs. This does not mean they have to completely start over, but they do have to reeducate their people on what changes are relevant to their work. 

The retraining process in some organizations has been supplemented with active coaching and mentoring programs. The challenge with these initiatives is to decide how to best track behaviors, milestones, and assessments performed along the journey. Strong coaching and retraining platforms can be aligned when a company or organization chooses the right HR software. Imagine Mobile Learning provides a cloud-based platform to support training, retraining, and coaching your people.


Best Human Resources Software can play a significant role in compensating employees for a job well done. Retaining great employees among other things, involves deploying relevant reward systems. These systems contribute to creating a thriving corporate culture where people want to work and recruit other employees who share the values of the organization. When a flourishing culture begins to expand, organizations will not struggle to find the best talent in today’s marketplace. Imagine Mobile Learning provides visibility to track employee performance and reward those who are achieving significant milestones.


Human Resources professionals must stay ahead of the talent management process. They must be able to identify top performers and proactively create challenging career paths for these individuals. Releasing involves helping people within an organization take on new roles of responsibility and leadership that match with their skills, talents, experience, and abilities. 

The better an organization can build anticipation and a desire to grow deeper into the heart of a company, the better chance they have of keeping the best talent and reproducing this talent throughout their entire team. When great talent begins to invest in emerging leaders this creates an unstoppable force. Imagine Mobile Learning was designed to help keep the forward momentum of your people moving at a strong pace and in the right direction.

Questions to Consider as a Human Resources Management Professional

  • In which of the four areas above is our organization the strongest and the weakest?
  • What is our plan to improve recruiting new employees?
  • What is our plan to improve retraining new employees?
  • What is our plan to improve rewarding great employees?
  • What is our plan to improve releasing new employees into new positions?
  • How can I benefit from using Human Resources Software to manage my organization?
  • How much does Human Resources Software cost my company?
  • What is the best Human Resources Software available?
  • What is the best HR Software in Florida?
  • How can I find the best Human Resources Management Software?