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Professional Solutions to Serve Your Unique Business Needs

Professional Course Development Solutions and Customer Service Training Programs


Outsource professional course development services and get RESULTS

Writing courses are costly and extremely time consuming. It takes a considerable amount of planning, preparation, and execution to write effective online eLearning training programs and courses. However, there is good news to consider and celebrate-Custom Course Development, Course Library and eLearning authoring tools.  Although hiring a team to create courses online is one option, it does not have to be your only option. Our team is ready to lead you through this process and explain what you can expect from working alongside a technology partner. Below is a brief sample of training programs we can co-develop alongside your executive team.

  • New Hire Company Orientation Programs
  • Supervisor and Manager Certification Programs
  • Safety Awareness Courses
  • Compliance Programs, Certifications and Courses
  • Programs for Leading and Managing People
  • Hazardous Materials Certification Training
  • Employee Relations Courses
  • Certification Programs for New Products and Services
  • Customer Service Training Programs
  • Sales Skills Programs and Certifications
  • Customized Sales Strategy Courses
  • And much more...
  • What is Custom Course Development?  You can customize a course to whatever fits your training needs or for an additional fee we can customize the course.
  • What is a Course Library?  This is where you can build your own Course Library.
  • What are eLearning authoring tools?  You can develop your own courses to meet your needs.

Corporate Training Solutions


Live professional skills training workshops transform teams and drive RESULTS

Training business professionals online is a great way to accelerate business skills and corporate initiatives. There are times however, when live training is required to supplement online educational tools such as eLearning assessments and Web conferencing sessions. For those critical times in the life of your business, our team can serve the unique needs of your people.  Drive results with Mobile Training, ELearning Platforms, and CRM tools.

  • What is Mobile Training? Learn from anywhere to everywhere using any tablet or smartphone, including ipads, iphones, and android.
  • What is an eLearning Platform?  All training is online through the Cloud.
  • What are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools?  This tool helps you create a database of customers from the Cloud.

Here are just some of the ways we serve businesses and organizations through our practical workshops and conferences:

  • Casting Corporate Vision, Defining Mission and Establishing Core Values
  • Creating Powerful Presentations
  • Changing Organizational Culture and Developing Teamwork
  • Organizational Leadership Training
  • Sales Planning and Strategy Development
  • Sales Catalyst Skills Training
  • Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training
  • Intercultural Training

Expert Business Consulting and Coaching Solutions


Leverage technology to DRIVE corporate strategy and alignment

When business leaders contemplate ways to drive company vision, mission, and values to every member on their team, technology if often part of the conversation. Online people engagement software drives performance becuase it gives business leaders the ability to customize tools to clarify, reiterate, and reinforce corporate strategy and directives.

Our business consulting and coaching solutions help navigate your people through this process. Our goal is to serve your executive team by forming and delivering a powerful and consistent message to your people. Once alignment begins to flow to your people, spontaneous realignment begins once the awareness is broadcasted through multiple platforms, both online and offline.

There are countless advantages to integrating an all-in-one eLearning solution and Platform into the heart of your business. Learning Management Software does not replace strategy; it makes sure strategy and activities synchronize as one united force. What happens as a result is nothing short of miraculous. Individuals, teams, and departments begin to speak the same language and streamline communications. Online assessments are now perceived as positive contributors to realizing the mission of the company.

  • What are eLearning solutions?  Online learning solutions for any industry or business.
  • What is an eLearning Platform? All training is online through the Cloud.
  • What is Learning Management Software?  It is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of electronic educational courses or training programs.