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The Imagine Mobile Learning Story...

The idea behind Imagine Mobile Learning started back in late 2006. Business leaders from multiple industries approached our founder, Marcel Sanchez, to help them develop strategic business events and customized bilingual training solutions for their executive staff. There was a growing need to systematically develop these leaders by creating environments for effective professional development.


In late 2008, Marcel and his team began developing customized bilingual training curriculum to help business professionals sharpen their skills. Beyond inspiration, the team was passionate about providing practical tools to maximize professional development with the goal of changing existing behaviors. Through a series of innovative training environments, these entrepreneurs were able to stimulate professional development in the lives of many and deliver measurable results in the process.


As the demand for specialized training and innovative business solutions continued to grow, a new division called Business Catalyst was created to help businesses improve performance in multiple key areas of their organization. This new division would serve businesses of all sizes by helping them reduce costs, increase revenue, synchronize operations, and accelerate the development of their most important asset—their people. Moreover, this new division would lead the way in helping every business create, manage, and experience a culture focused on growth.


Providing customers with innovative technology solutions broadens the possibilities within a growing business. Developing software, designing websites, and exploring the most relevant online payment solutions can become a significant challenge for many organizations. Business Catalyst has partnered with many organizations to explore, embrace, and implement effective technology solutions into the heart of their organization. They have helped these organizations finish their projects on time and on budget!


After many years of research, customer interviews, and surveys, Imagine Mobile Learning, an integrated ERP solution, was created to help businesses and organizations Create a Mobile Training Community on a global platform. This integrated Learning Management Solution, LMS, will provide businesses, non-profits, and churches with the ability to easily create their own training programs and deploy them throughout their entire organization. Imagine Mobile Learning serves to bridge the gap between communication and real collaboration among team members. Also, in the near future, the solution will also provide CRM tools to help businesses more effectively manage their customers.


The Vision


Our dream is to Help Every Organization Create an Environment Focused on Growth. Developing and integrating the tools necessary to turn this dream into everyday reality is what Imagine Mobile Learning is all about. We are committed to helping every organization accelerate their potential for greater competence, performance, and influence. We serve as partners by helping organizations maximize individual and corporate performance.


Imagine Mobile Learning™ is your partner to easily connect, train, and grow your people online. Through integrating mobile training and corporate community; your organization can create a thriving culture focused on growth. Get ready to increase teamwork, simplify eLearning, and accelerate the development of your people.


Our Core Values


Integrity is our foundation, Excellence is our passion, and Creating Innovative Solutions specific to the needs of your organization is why we are in business.


Marcel Sanchez, President

Business Catalyst

Imagine Mobile Learning


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