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Essential Online Course: 4-Weeks
Week #1 – Remembering the Dream for Your Marriage

The Essential Online Course is a great way to replenish your marriage with passion and purpose.  The first-week will help you and your spouse remember the original dream for your marriage. We all dreamed of spending countless hours with our spouse immersed in conversation, laughter, and love. This first session will teach you and your spouse how to reignite the passion for one another.

Week #2 – Establishing a Strong Foundation

The second-week will focus on establishing a strong foundation for your marriage. Since God is the one who created marriage, it makes sense to discover the purposes outlined in his book, the Bible, for your marriage. This session will help you and your spouse understand the purpose for your marriage.

Week 3 – Connecting to the Right Source

The third-week will center on connecting to the right source for our marriage to grow healthy and strong. Satisfaction is a powerful force. Connecting to the wrong source of satisfaction will lead our relationship down a path of frustration, pain, and regret. Let’s make sure we connect to the right source.

Week 4 – Love and Respect

The fourth-week will focus on connecting to the core of your spouse’s greatest need. This session will help you discover the most important need that your spouse has and how to consistently meet this need. We will help you understand the implications of the Cycle of Destruction and the Cycle of Growth.
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Breakthrough Online Course: 8-Weeks
This course includes all of the sessions in the Essential Course, plus four additional sessions.

Week #5 – Lost in Translation

Healthy communication is critical to a growing marriage. The fifth-week centers on learning relational principles of good communication. Since men and women were designed differently, we hear, process, feel, and interpret things differently. Practicing sound communication principles will help you build a thriving marriage.

Week #6 – Making Decisions Together

Does the way in which we make decisions affect the strength and health of our marriage? Absolutely! Couples who make decisions together stay together. Those who don’t make decisions together will surely find themselves in relational trouble. The sixth-week will guide you and your spouse through the art of synchronized decision-making.

Week #7 – Reigniting Your Sex Life

Sex is not everything in marriage, but it is certainly very important. Our seventh-week will teach you the relationship between relational intimacy and sexual intimacy. We will give you and your spouse practical ideas to create an environment for extraordinary intimacy.

Week #8 – Getting Your House in Order

Finances are the number one reason why couples argue and drive down the highway of relational destruction. You need to have a solid financial plan to give, save, eliminate debt, and spend. This eight-week will help you apply the keys to making financial decisions with an eternal perspective.


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Master Class Online Course: 12-Weeks
This course includes all of the sessions in the Essential Course, the Breakthrough Course, plus four additional sessions.

Week 9 - Embracing Forgiveness through Grace, Mercy, Commitment and Faith

The Master Class begins with powerful teaching on the importance of forgiving your spouse. This ninth-week helps us move our marriage forward through complete unconditional forgiveness. We help you understand how forgiveness, grace, mercy, commitment, and faith all contribute to your relationship.

Week 10 - Keys to a Growing Marriage I

Are good habits important? Yes! Is practicing healthy relationship principles important? Yes! Creating habits to protect, direct, and grow your marriage are important as well. This tenth-week helps you develop relational habits that make your marriage stronger and healthier.

Week 11 - Keys to a Growing Marriage II

It is not enough to tell your spouse, “I love you.” Your actions must back-up your words. Moreover, your display of love to your spouse should be constant and increasing in quality. This eleventh-week will help you and your spouse discover the secrets of displaying your love for your spouse to experience.

Week 12 - Keys to a Growing Marriage III

Every marriage faces severe storms. Some of these storms are relational and others are stress-related in nature. Some storms are financial and others involve physical challenges. Whatever the type of storm you face, this twelfth-week teaches you how to persevere through life’s challenges.


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