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Federal, State and Local Government Agencies

Leverage Cloud-based Technology to Streamline your Organization

How do you deploy effective training when your organization serves such a great variety of citizens?  Do you help your team collaborate on projects or track assessment performance?  Can you reduce training costs while simultaneously increasing training effectiveness and agency performance?  How can you create, manage, and deploy effective training programs?  Does your agency accelerate growing your people?
These are only a few of the questions growing government agencies are asking.  Keep this in mind.  When you grow your teams you positively impact the citizens in which you serve.  As a Registered Government Contractor, Imagine Mobile Learning partners with Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies to provide effective training, consulting, recruiting, and course development solutions.
Imagine Mobile Learning helps these agencies streamline training by radically innovating their approach to training and development.  We lead them to simplify and synchronize their operations. Streamline your training using Custom Course Development, Course Library, Regulatory Compliance, eLearning Platforms, eLearning authoring tools, and Mobile training.
  • What does Custom Course Development mean?  Courses were meant to be developed with the needs of the student and the organization in mind. Custom Course Development means you can customize a training course or assessment to whatever fits your training needs or for an additional fee, we can customize the course for you.
  • What is a Course Library?  This is where you can build your own collection of professional courses, training programs, and assessments to deploy access to your people from the Cloud.
  • What are eLearning Platforms?  This is simply a reference to online training. It means that all educational training is performed through online training portals. These web-based training platforms serve the educational needs of businesses, universities, and workforce training centers.
  • What are eLearning authoring tools?  Online authoring tools have evolved into one of the most popular tools for training and educational professionals. eLearning authoring tools serve to create courses online and deploy them through compatable learning management systems. You can develop your own courses and deliver these courses to as many users as your LMS permits.
  • What is Mobile training?  This means you can train from anywhere to everywhere using any tablet or smartphone, such as iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. 
Imagine Mobile Learning is dedicated to helping your agency simultaneously grow your people and the citizens in which you serve.  Here are just a few samples of how we can help you develop your people.
  • Deploy assessments and training programs to groups of 100 members or groups greater than 10,000 members.
  • Create an integrated calendar to help your team synchronize schedules, improve communication, and increase planning.
  • Track assessment progress and performance.
  • Easily develop and assign specific tasks to individuals and or groups.
  • Communicate with your global team through email, instant messaging, and text messaging solutions.
  • Build scalable training programs and assessments to grow your people and develop leaders faster. 
  • Train your team from anywhere to everywhere.


Automate the way you Manage your team and serve your members

Non-Profits are very important customers who serve communities, regions, and countries to advance humanitarian initiatives.  We understand the complexity, the frustrations, and the unique needs of these organizations.  Since training personnel and organizational structure are two common areas for improving their organization, our team has skillfully addressed these two areas by placing the solution they need the most in the Cloud.
  • What is the Cloud?  Simply put it refers to software and services that run on the internet instead of the computer.  In other words, you don't need to invest in hardware or additional servers to train. The software grows with your agency, business, or church. Train from anywhere on the planet, using any device.  We make it EASYto train your people.


Connect your people in the Cloud, Manage groups, and Automate online giving

Serving English and Spanish Churches is a high honor for our team. We count it a privilege to help churches develop automated solutions for donations, small groups, training, communications, and bilingual congregations. Helping churches grow their people and build community is at the core of what we do.
These are only a few of the ways in which Imagine Mobile Learning can help your organization synchronize global training and development.  What happens when you invest in developing every member of your team, synchronize operational activities, and radically improve communication?  Your people grow.   Therefore, your organization will grow and thrive.
  • What is global training and development?  Train and learn from anywhere on the planet using any tablet or smartphone, including ipads, iphones, and android.