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Marcel Sanchez

"Please pray for my sister-in-law, Marely. She had significant heart pain and was hospitalized. Several procedures have been performed already, but their is still no clarity as to the root cause of her pain. "


Andrew and Diane Large

"This is an item of PRAISE! Paul Vargas who had cancer of the tongue has been declared free of the cancer, after the removal of half of his tongue and checking to make sure it had not spread to his lungs! He is healing well from the surgery and rejoicing that he will not need radiation! Thank you so much for praying!"


Roy Echevarria

"Ruego sus oraciones por mi hermana Lillian, quien ha sufrido un derrame cerebral y está siendo sometida a una cirugía en este momento para detener el aneurisma, creo que se llama así, que le causó este episodio."


Marcel Sanchez

"Pray for our Men's Retreat on November 3-5. These gatherings can be special times for men to renew their walk with Christ, gain greater clarity, and build stronger friendships with other guys. Pray for the Lord to encourage our men to sign up and invite other men. And pray for all the preparations involved."


Beverly Johnson

"Please pray for a friend who is caring for her husband and father and working full time at my doctor. Her husband is having major surgery this week. "


Marcel Sanchez

"Pray for one of our church members, Yolanda, and her family. Last week the doctors found a tumor in her brain. She will need surgery on 9/21. Please pray for wisdom and for a successful surgery. Pray for God's peace to continue to reign in their hearts and minds throughout this entire process."


Fernando Aguilar

"Sigamos orando por nuestra hermana Beverly y por su sanidad."


Marcel Sanchez

"Please continue to pray for Beverly and for her platelets to increase and remain stable. Pray for the doctors to implement the best course of action for her sustained health."


Diane Large

"Please pray for my niece and her husband Paul Vargas who is a pastor in Arequipa, Peru, and will have a cancerous tumor on his tongue removed (1/3 of his tongue) by surgery tomorrow - a very delicate and complicated surgery. Pray for complete removal of the cancer, a good recovery and that it not affect his ability to speak clearly. They have 2 small children."